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What will the Nationals show us in 2010?

I’ve had a lot of fun with predictions on this site — everywhere, really; why else do we play fantasy sports, college football pick’ems, postseason salary-cap games and NCAA basketball tournament pools? But I’m not sure I’ll try to forecast the 2010 baseball season, division by division. Half of the divisions appear to be wide

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Moneyballing the Mets

In a column in the new issue of ESPN The Magazine, Buster Olney talks about the continuing effect of Moneyball and the statistics-based way of thinking that many Major League clubs follow. High in the column, he cites the Mariners’ signing of Chone Figgins who, by their evaluation, was the Angels’ best defender in 2009

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Was Rollins even the Phillies’ MVP?

This isn’t me. I’m not whining here or spitting out sour grapes (or whatever that lame phrase is). Yeah, I thought Jimmy Rollins had an amazing year and seemed to be there in so many clutch situations for the Phillies down the stretch, but he’s not even the MVP of the Phillies. That would be

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