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Quick thoughts: 2010 Managers of the Year

Ron Gardenhire won the AL Manager of the Year Award pretty easily, a well-deserved accolade for a guy who just simply wins with whatever he’s given. In the NL, however, Bud Black edged out Dusty Baker by a single point. That’s crazy. Voters list three managers on their ballots, with the first-place vote worth five

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Way to go, Marlins

Was there any surprise to the last three awards? No, not really. American League Manager of the Year. Jim Leyland. Of course. He took a team that lost 119 games three years ago to the postseason. His was the best team in the American League. They made the playoffs, so we can overlook that slight

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Postseason awards picks

In a few hours, we’ll learn the first of this season’s award winners, and since I’ve been lazy and couldn’t come up with a real analysis, here’s the quick version: NL MVPI think Barry Bonds will win, yet again. But I think it should be Adrian Beltre. The simple argument/formula is take the player away

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