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Next year’s stamps, all together

Don’t these look beautiful? They’ll be great to have — one sheet to keep, others to use — next summer*. *Assuming the Post Office still exists.

Larry Doby gets a stamp!

This came out a week ago, but I’ve been quite busy and never got around to writing anything. And now that a hurricane is bearing down on us and I don’t know when I’ll have power and internet again after Sunday, I figured I don’t have the luxury of composing a more elaborate post. So

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Helping the Yogi Berra Museum (and myself)

While flipping through Google Reader last night, I came across a post mentioning a rummage sale of sorts at the Yogi Berra Museum at Montclair State. My first thought was, Cool! Glad I checked this post. The second thought was surprise that I hadn’t heard about it sooner. (A third, momentary thought was disappointment that

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There used to be a ballpark: Hinchliffe Stadium

Bordering Maple Street, Paterson Here, the ghosts of past indiscretions — others’ indiscretions — still play. Tucked into a corner of Paterson, New Jersey, stands a massive stadium now overgrown with more than just grass and weeds. Trees sprout from the bleachers, shrubs grow on the benches. It should be hard to miss, such a

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