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The Dodgers return to New York

Half a century ago, the Dodgers and Giants returned to New York for the first time as visitors. They came during the last days of May and the beginning of June to face the team that had replaced them in the National League — and had replaced the Giants at the Polo Grounds — the

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Stealing home on a ’56 Topps card

Did a little Jackie Robinson research this morning, prompted by the 1956 Topps card shown above. I was curious as to when the slide into home may have occurred, presuming the scene depicted was based on a photograph of an actual occurrence. It was the number of the batter, really, that piqued my interest —

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Farewell to “MVP 55”

A quick memory of Johnny Podres, who died over the weekend at 75: Summer of 2001, I’m driving down to Lakewood, N.J., to cover the BlueClaws in a game that night. On the Garden State Parkway, I pass a Cadillac or Lincoln or some other luxury car type that’s common with grandfathers. Think Jerry Seinfeld’s

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