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Monte Irvin’s New Jersey roots

I wish I’d gotten to meet Monte Irvin. Since I moved to Passaic County, I’ve become fascinated with Hinchliffe Stadium, just up the road in Paterson. I had no idea, until nine years ago, that the Negro leagues had a presence in northern New Jersey outside of Newark. I knew about Atlantic City, and some

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Hinchliffe Stadium snowed in

A couple of weeks ago on a photo trip to Paterson’s Great Falls, I peered over at Hinchliffe Stadium and noticed the main gates were open. Inside on what had been the football playing field (and deep in the outfield) were piles of snow.  Such piles are not so unusual in the northeast this winter, but these

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There used to be a ballpark: Hinchliffe Stadium

Bordering Maple Street, Paterson Here, the ghosts of past indiscretions — others’ indiscretions — still play. Tucked into a corner of Paterson, New Jersey, stands a massive stadium now overgrown with more than just grass and weeds. Trees sprout from the bleachers, shrubs grow on the benches. It should be hard to miss, such a

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