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Raines’ road to Cooperstown passed through New Jersey

Tim Raines retired with 807 stolen bases, a .295 career batting average, 1,548 runs, 964 RBIs and 1,290 walks. He played for four teams over 21 seasons and left the game with a strong case for election to the Hall of Fame. If those numbers look a little off to you after two days of

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Mike Piazza, Hall of Famer

  I wrote the other day about my lasting Ken Griffey Jr. memory, involving his iconic Upper Deck No. 1 rookie card. My Mike Piazza memories are much deeper and more centered around his performance in games, both those I attended and others I watched on TV. I graduated college on May 17, 1998 —

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Barry Larkin as an All-Star for the last time

I suppose I’m a couple days late on the Barry Larkin post, but that’s because I don’t really have anything to add. I never had a strong feel either way for his candidacy, but I suppose I now see him as more a Hall of Famer than not. He was among the shortstops who “changed

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Next year’s stamps, all together

Don’t these look beautiful? They’ll be great to have — one sheet to keep, others to use — next summer*. *Assuming the Post Office still exists.


And here’s the kick-ass Willie Stargell stamp that will be part of next summer’s release. I love that they used both the yellow jersey and that intimidating stance (even if his face isn’t so intimidating as depicted).