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The Yankees of college baseball

Omar Quintanilla (001) The University of Texas had an alumni baseball game last week, inviting former Longhorns back to campus to play a little ball. But rather than outfitting them in UT uniforms, they have them bring the jerseys of their parent clubs — ostensibly to show off just how cool they are that they

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Hair today, gone tomorrow: New changes for the New Mets

In addition to all the big changes around the Mets during the offseason, Willie Randolph (himself one of the changes) ushered in a new one on the first day of workouts in Port St. Lucie. Taking a cue from his former employer over in the Bronx, Randolph dictated that there will be no facial hair

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Statistical comparison: Val Majewski and Charles Frazier

I woke up this morning with a weird thought in my head. Somehow, I found myself lying awake, mulling over whether it is better for a player to sign a professional contract straight out of high school or, as Billy Beane prefers, to go to college and develop your skills there to be better prepared

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