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Hudson vs. Zito, back in Oakland

With their season a loss and their Bay neighbors the Giants in town — starting former A’s great Tim Hudson themselves — Oakland gave former AL Cy Young Award winner Barry Zito one more home start, and it happened to be the game we were attending. Along with Mark Mulder (who was in attendance; the three

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$126 million can certainly buy some charisma

I noted once before that Barry Zito is an avid amateur photographer. That’s sweet. So am I, which is why I like it. But the guy is a little loopy…

Tying them up in Philly

First Chase Utley and now Brett Myers. The Phillies are tying up their young stars with multi-year contracts and buying them out of their arbitration years. It’s definitely a good move (when not applied to Pat Burrell, at least not with a no-trade clause), but it only makes you wonder … If Utley can get

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Saying no to Zito

As far as I’m concerned, the Giants can have Barry Zito. Seven years?! $126 million!? Dude’s not Randy Johnson in ’98. He’s not even Nolan Ryan in ’88. He’s a curveball pitcher, a soft-throwing lefty with good control who benefits from a strong defense and pitch location. He’s Tom Glavine, minus 12 years, and the

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