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The Christmas Babe

On one of my trips to the Hall of Fame, I took the photo above of a Babe Ruth Christmas card. I was enamored with it; I found it personal and whimsical. You often see the Babe described as a big kid, and I think this captures it wonderfully. In looking for a better image of

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The Babe

The Babe calls his shot (1990) As a kid, I became fascinated by Babe Ruth‘s called shot in the 1932 World Series. Not so much the legend that, in an important game for the championship, the game’s greatest player predicted a home run and then followed through; instead, I became enthralled by the question of

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Barry and the Babe

We’re nearly there. One more long ball, and for just the second time in 86 years, Babe Ruth will move on the list of the all-time home run rankings. He took over the top spot in 1921 and didn’t relinquish it until 1974; since then, he’s been at No. 2. Two weeks from today marks

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