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When Gooden was larger than life

Yesterday’s news about Dwight Gooden has brought out a lot of old photographs of Doctor K, but this one is the one I like the best. Two young stars, their potential seemingly limitless — 1985 All-Star! — clowning around after a game in some wood-paneled office at Shea Stadium that still had NFL helmets on

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Revisionist history: Darryl and Dawson on the Mets

MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch was at the Baseball Assistance Team‘s annual dinner last night and filed a story comprised of several conversations with some of the Hall of Famers and other baseball illuminati. This one particular anecdote from former Mets manager Davey Johnson, speaking about Andre Dawson, really stood out: “I pleaded with [GM] Frank Cashen

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Dance-Off ’86

Not only did the Mets win 35 more games than the Dodgers in 1986, but they produced an exponentially better music video that year.

Round and round he goes, where Beltran lands nobody knows

Nearly five years ago, Dennis Quaid and Jesus — OK, fine, James Caviezel — starred in a baseball movie that wasn’t a baseball movie. Frequency was a father/son tale using the Mets’ 1969 world championship as a backdrop. Now, another screenwriter has found inspiration in the other Mets championship, the one they won in 1986.

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World Series Game 2: Learning something about myself

Red Sox 6, Cardinals 2 How can Boston not win the Series? This Curt Schilling story is a tale of athletic heroism straight out of Hollywood. It’s like Roy Hobbs rounding the bases as his jersey gets bloodier with every step, only without the sexy circumstances causing the injury. These postseason starts on his bum

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