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Only Nolan

Three-and-a-half years ago, I posted the above photo with just three of the signatures collected. I’ve since gotten two more — the last 14 months ago — but hadn’t updated my progress. A few days ago, I got a comment with a very nice offer — Duffy Dyer’s daughter offered to help me add her

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A 1964 Shea Stadium postcard and the great Pearl Bailey

I finally got around to scanning in a pile of various things I’ve picked up over the past year, and this is one of the cooler ones. It’s not just the 1964 view of Shea Stadium in its first year, featuring the colored panels hanging outside the ramps, the old buses parked near the subway

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Halfway point on a 1969 Mets photo

1969 Mets reunion 2.0 Nearly one year ago (Jan. 30, to be exact), I got the first autograph on this photo. This weekend, I added two more to reach the halfway point. First, on Saturday, I drove up to White Plains for a show to get Jerry Koosman’s signature. It was iffy, though — the

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