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Bo knows air

  Bo Jackson is 54 years old today. Fifty-four! That doesn’t seem right, but Time doesn’t care. It means his peak was half a lifetime ago: He played the 1990 season — his last full baseball season — at 27 years old. In January 1991, he sustained that injury to his left hip and was

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The Christmas Babe

On one of my trips to the Hall of Fame, I took the photo above of a Babe Ruth Christmas card. I was enamored with it; I found it personal and whimsical. You often see the Babe described as a big kid, and I think this captures it wonderfully. In looking for a better image of

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‘Gilmore Girls” Luke Danes was once traded for Bob Watson

My wife is a big fan of “Gilmore Girls,” and when the show was on the air during its original run, it rivaled “The West Wing” for the fastest dialogue on television. It also featured actor Scott Patterson, a former pitcher in the Braves and Yankees systems (plus a spring training with the Rangers and

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