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‘Gilmore Girls” Luke Danes was once traded for Bob Watson

My wife is a big fan of “Gilmore Girls,” and when the show was on the air during its original run, it rivaled “The West Wing” for the fastest dialogue on television. It also featured actor Scott Patterson, a former pitcher in the Braves and Yankees systems (plus a spring training with the Rangers and

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Predicting the 2017 Hall of Fame class

  The 2017 Hall of Fame ballot is out, featuring three players who, during the peak of their careers, we all probably expected would be easy picks for election: Vladimir Guerrero, Manny Ramirez and Ivan Rodriguez. But the whole steroids era and various voters’ biases have turned what once seemed like certain honorees into players

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Myrl Brown: Baseball’s first M.L.B.

  You never know what will bring you to uncover the name of a long-forgotten ballplayer. A feat here, a tidbit there, and all of a sudden, you’re reading about an obscure pitcher who appeared in just seven games, all before Yankee Stadium was built, and who died before Cal Ripken Jr. made his Major

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